MRT's Inspection system

'Perfect' is a reality that keeps being achived.


MRT's Inspection System

At MRT, inspections are conducted by each department and finally by the Inspection Division before delivery. The Inspection Division inspects all of the products we manufacture, rather than just doing spot checks. In accordance with the required accuracy for each product, we conduct not only inspections using micrometers, but also using cutting-edge inspection devices such as optical measuring instruments and non-contact measuring instruments.

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square"Zero Complaints" is not something to aim for, but something to continually achieve.

As I recall, we had one complaint from a customer about product size more than 10 years ago. The customer said that the product's thickness was different from what they had requested. However, when we re-inspected the returned product, we found that it was within the range of the tolerance specification. It appeared that the customer had measured it incorrectly. We explained this to them and they agreed. That was the last complaint about size that I have ever experienced. Our customers naturally expect the products that we deliver to them to be perfect. This is at the very heart of MRT.

square"Accuracy first" is the standard of MRT's quality.

It might sound a little overconfident, but MRT has not obtained ? nor does it plan to obtain ? ISO 9000 series Quality Management System certification. This is because we believe that we have already established and have been conducting a quality management system that exceeds the ISO standards, and the evaluations of many of our customers have supported this fact.
MRT is a company that possesses and implements its own quality management standards called "accuracy first." We aim at further enhancing and honing our inspection accuracy, because it is the way to continue to meet the expectations of our customers and maintain their confidence.



squareIt took three years before I was able to stand on my own and I'm still developing
  my ideas and methods to further improve myself.

It took half a year before I learned how to conduct inspections and operate the machines and three years before I became responsible for inspecting an entire product lot, i.e., to become independent. It takes a long time, lots of experience and practice to be responsible for quality management at MRT. In addition, a great deal of knowledge ? not only about inspection, but also about MRT products ? is indispensable to conduct highly accurate inspections. Ten years have passed since I joined the company and I'm happy and proud to say that I have finally become able to recognize the "texture" of our products.
At MRT, the things that need to be inspected are predetermined, but the procedures are left up to us. In this sense, we should exercise your own ideas and methods to gain experience.
Our quality management section is evolving and improving day by day, where each of us tries to discover new techniques every day.

squareThe signature indicating that the inspection has been completed is a proof of the
  inspector's responsibility.

When I don't find any defective products, I feel very proud of our manufacturing quality. However, when I find one, I have mixed feelings; the excitement of finding a defect and conversely, feeling sorry for the efforts of manufacturing doing their best, along with a sense of security that I have again maintained our policy of "accuracy first."
When inspections are completed, the person in charge is required to write down their name on a card. For me, this is always a sacred ritual. It's only a one-line signature, but many feelings and emotions are included in it.



squareWhat we pack is "quality."

Products having gone through inspection are soaked in oil and packed by hand individually before being delivered to our customers. Packing, which I'm in charge of, is the final process at MRT. Even when the products themselves have no problems, if the number of pieces contained in a package is wrong or different products are packed in error, they are no longer "accurate." These red packages are the proof of our "perfection" in every sense. What we pack is "quality", "confidence" in the form of a promise to our customers, and the spirit of "accuracy first" itself.

square"Consideration" is a driving force toward making progress.

Our products are delivered to customers after undergoing such processes.
But are the customers handling them properly? This is one of our concerns because some of our products are so delicate that their edges can be chipped by only a slight touch.
Therefore, we make every effort to develop packages that not only protect the products from shock and vibration during transport, but that also allow customers to safely unpack them without difficulty.
Concern about the "future" of our products that have left the factory and attention to our customers - these little considerations are the driving force for everyday efforts and progress.