Privacy policy

About collection of Private Information

MRT Co., Ltd. (to be referred to as 'we' hereinafter), may collect and use the private information of the stakeholders of clients (to be referred to as 'customer' hereinafter).

The purposes of collection of private information are limited to below

  • To fulfill the responsibilities of contracted works with the client.
  • To develop better products and services.
  • To provide beneficial information to the clients.
  • For other legitimate purposes.

As to collection/acquisition of private information, we will make the following basic actions.

  • At the time of collection, we will clarify the purpose upfront, and will do so in an appropriate manner.
  • As to the range of private information, it will remain within the boundaries of necessity for attaining the purposes of collection.
  • When collecting the information from other than the customer himself/herself, we will make sure the source of information came through proper acquisition and will notify the customer after collection.
  • The usage of private information we collected will be limited within the necesity for the purpose of collection.

However, as to the cases below, we will skip the process of clarification of usage purposes:

  • Private information acquired through, such as, exchange of name cards among our sales representatives and the customers.

As to the private information acquired in the above case, it may be utilized in such business promotional activities as sending e-mails, DM (direct mails), visits, etc.
Even in such cases, the usage will be limited within the basic purposes mentioned above (from 1 to 4) in this section.

About management and protection of private information

We will comply with the laws/ordinances and social norms to properly and safely manage the private information we acquired from the customer.

  • We will assign a dedicated staff to manage private information for proper administration.
  • We will take an appropriate and legitimate level of safety measures to prevent unauthorized accesses, loss, destruction, or falsification by external intrusions.
  • We will strictly limit the access of the private information database to the authorized personnel even within the company so that appropriate usage of it will be made.

About usage of private information

We will not use the customer's private information for other than the purposes clarified in advance, except for the cases below:

  • When the customer agrees.
  • When used in such documentations as business analyses/statistics where no private information can be identified.
  • When the usage outside of usage purposes is required for legal purposes.

About disclosure of private information to outside parties

We will not reveal or privide the customer's private information to outside parties without agreement of the customer, except for the cases below:

  • When the customer agrees.
  • There is a possibility that we may outsource the management of private information for the purposes of improvement of services. In such a case, we will choose the assignee from our affiliated companies or from agencies who have proven to be appropriate in handling private information, and will authorize them to manage private information by signing the contract of necessary regulations.
  • When private information is shared with the partners pre-mentioned within the limnits of usage, in order to provide production services to the customer.
  • When the usage outside of usage purposes is urgently required for legal purposes, or is to be provided to public institutions.

How to change registered private information

We will take immediate action within reason in case the customer wishes to confirm or correct the private information provided to us. Please contact the responsible section concerned.
As to reference to private information, to prevent false disclosures from occurring, we will ask for identification. In such occasions, we may ask you to present the following identification:

  • Identification documents
  • If under the age of 16, a document to show parental consent

How to send opinions or requests

Regarding the handling of opinions or requests we receive from customers, we will use them at our will as long as it is not contrary to our usage purposes of improving our services for the customer.
If the private information we acquired will be used under such conditions that private information is identifiable to outside parties, we will ask for your consent beforehand.

As to revision o f 'Privacy Policy'

Regarding the handling of the customer's private information, we will review and make revisions as appropriate for improvement. After such revisions are made, we will inform you of such changes on our website accordingly.