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Breathe life into metal saws for our customer.

The technology section is responsible for the design and production management of metal saws and other products. We discuss with our sales staff how to add special processing to the products according to customer needs and then create a design and pass it on to the manufacturing section.

Special processing can include the addition of heat treatment and polishing to basic metal-saw designs and the choice of the type of cutting edge to use according to the customer’s needs. In short, it is an important responsibility of designers to discuss how they can customize metal saws while talking with the manufacturing sections.

We make products with the cooperation of all departments.

Our policies of “quality is expected to be good” and “delivery date is absolute” are commonplace in all relevant sections. As design processes affect cost, quality and delivery date, when we receive a request to change a design from a customer, we are careful not to affect the quality and delivery date as much as possible. 

Therefore we need to discuss the alternative processing method and technology so that the product can be made as efficiently as possible. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that we are trusted and highly evaluated by our customers because of such manufacturing processes jointly held by the sales and technology/manufacturing sections.

Our strength is the high rate of repeat order.

One of our strengths is the high customer repeat rate. Although we always manufacture diverse types of products in small lots and we rarely produce the same products continuously, we receive almost no complaints about quality and delivery dates. This is what our trust from customers has been based on since establishment. 

The technology section currently is proceeding with re-mechanization in order to further stabilize and enhance our quality and timely delivery. This includes the development of software that can facilitate groove processing, special processing, etc. and even the temperature and work management of the factory.

MRTの技術 -technology-