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Greetings(from the President)

represents the idea that “quality is expected to be good” and which we have honored since our establishment in 1946.

Founded in 1946,our company has long specialized in the manufacturing of cutting tools, screw slotting cutters and metal slitting saws. MRT products have continued to surpass the competition in terms of quality, durability, precision and short delivery time. Recognized not only nationally but lso as an international presence, we are proud of the reputation we have achieved as an experienced and highly skilled manufacturer of cutting tools.

We have been honoring our policy 'accuracy first'.

We are a manufacturer of metal saws (cutters) equipped into machines including slicing plates and machining centers used in various industries such as steel, fiber and automotive. Although our products themselves are palm-sized, light and thin, we are widely recognized as a top brand within the industry both at home and abroad with our technology offering high quality in accuracy, strength and durability, while meeting diverse needs and tight delivery-date requirements. What supports our quality and technology is the policy of “accuracy first,” which represents the idea that “quality is expected to be good” and which we have honored since our establishment in 1946.

Quality and delivery date are absolute for us.

Quality and delivery date are absolute for us. This is only what is expected of us as long as we are a manufacturer. Our value as a company is to do what is naturally expected of us. To achieve this, each staff member has to be a professional engineer. We always take time and energy to maintain our quality and accuracy and deal with orders of even a few pieces, while minimizing losses in order to keep delivery dates. As a result, we have succeeded in developing a system where we are able to find even an error of a few microns, generate near-zero product losses and produce from one to a few-thousand pieces at one time.

Steady employment and professional skills are important.

Presently, painful reform such as reviewing employment and wages and reducing personnel is valued as one of the key management tasks. However, I believe professional skills backed up by steady employment are one of our biggest weapons. Although our technology is not something high-tech that can storm the industry, it is highly original and our quality, accuracy and timely delivery are honored by leading machine manufacturers at home and abroad. What supports this is our personnel. We make every effort to train and educate our personnel so that anyone can be a skilled professional if properly trained.

Although it depends on the person, five years or longer is necessary, in order to become a professional. However, although it may take a long time, gained skills will never betray the professional. We have many engineers who have been working for us for more than 30 or 40 years. This is the reason why steady employment and skill acquisition form our strong backbone. In terms of management, this allows us to focus on building an environment to maintain high quality and accuracy without being affected by the economy. Although we are providing products to foreign countries, we are not thinking of establishing offices overseas. We currently have 115 staff members. I think the current company scale is the best to maintain our high accuracy and originality.


Takayuki Murata